Using Area Rugs in the Kitchen


One of the easiest ways to transform your kitchen and add instant pop is to throw down a beautiful area rug underfoot. Rugs are often unexpected in the kitchen and are therefore striking. Beautiful, bold, eye-catching rugs are the perfect way to add color and uniqueness to your otherwise monotone or utilitarian kitchen.

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Singing The Blues


We love riding the latest bright blue wave!  Blue has made a bold comeback in fashion and home décor.  We are still seeing it everywhere and it works.  Adding a bit of cobalt blue to your room is an easy way to liven up the space and infuse it with a bit [...]

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Get the look: Glamorous Gold


  This photo pinned by Joss & Main on Pinterest stopped us dead in our tracks. Everything about this room is dazzling. It looks as if it could have been taken straight from the set of Sex And The City (wondering if those are Carrie’s Manolo Blahniks in the background?). Decorating with [...]

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Carpet Care – How To Safely Remove Food Or Wine Stains From Your Rug


It’s almost inevitable. At some point, someone will accidentally spill food, or worse, wine on your lovely handmade wool carpet. But don’t panic, here are some tried and true tips on how to safely remove those stains. Lucky for you, the qualities of the wool will protect the rug from spills. But [...]

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Top 10 Rug Patterns


CHEVRON In case you haven’t noticed, zig zags are all the rage. This chevron rug will instantly recharge your room. MOROCCAN Rich, vibrant color & contrasts are what make this Moroccan pattern so appealing.  It’s the perfect balance of modern and warmth. ANIMAL PRINT This animal print rug adds an edgy [...]

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New Arrivals: Introducing Patchwork Cowhides


Our new hide rugs, part of the Santa Fe collection, are now available.  These luxurious geometric designs bring instant elegance and texture to any room.  Whether you choose a soft, neutral palette or a bold, graphic pattern, you will create a gorgeous modern look envied by all. Like tile work found in [...]

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